Netflix Teams Up With Ben & Jerry’s To Introduce Drool-Worthy New Flavor, ‘Netflix & Chill’d’

We love Netflix, and we love Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. What could be better than putting two things we already have such a great appreciation for together?

Well, you’re in luck, folks, because that’s exactly what just happened. The Vermont ice cream company is collaborating with the streaming service to bring us something we never knew we needed, but we definitely do. It’s a brand-new ice cream flavor with the perfect name for the collaboration. It’s called “Netflix & Chill’d.”

Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? But the name is far from the best part. What’s in the ice cream is downright drool-worthy.

In case you’re curious (and of course you are), the ice cream base is peanut butter flavored, and it’s churned up with sweet and salty pretzel pieces and fudge brownies.

There are tons of scrumptious Ben & Jerry’s flavors out there, but this one seems like it’s definitely worth a scoop. Or maybe a few scoops. What’s even better is that there’s a nondairy option, so those who don’t eat dairy products can enjoy it, as well.

This is one collaboration that can really make your Friday night amazing, even if you’re just hanging out on the couch. All you need is your favorite show on Netflix and a new flavor of ice cream in your lap.

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