Bars Near Florida Atlantic University Are Giving Students A Safer Way To Ask For Help

Things can sometimes go wrong for college students when out at the bars. These establishments are now looking to assist these students and keep them from experiencing undue harassment. If students who are drinking at this Florida bar are starting to feel unsafe, there is signage that provides them with the help that they need.

Date nights and nights out with so-called friends can both end poorly when students are not given the tools that they need to help themselves. These students deserve to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that bars have their best interests at heart. Florida Atlantic University has launched this effort. Their student government is looking to create a safe environment for all students.

At least a dozen restaurants and bars are participating in the initiative. All you need to do is order an Owl Shot. If you would like for bar staff to escort you to your vehicle, simply ask for an Owl Shot “neat”. Do you need a ride? If so, you’ll want to ask for an Owl Shot on the rocks. From there, the bar staffers will be more than happy to contact a ride home on your behalf.

In particularly troublesome situations, the staff can offer an Owl Shot with lime. When the student asks for one of these shots, the police are contacted. These alerts are wonderful for all parties involved. The students are ecstatic and bar owners are more than happy to assist students who are in need of help. “There’s been really no negative response to it at all,” says Alejandra Rodriguez.

She’s the governmental relations director and they are constantly searching for ways to keep students safe. These efforts have only just begun, by the way. The student coalition at Florida Atlantic University is looking to place these signs in all nearby restaurants and bars. These safety efforts are of utmost importance. It is high time that these establishments took the time to participate in such initiatives.

We are glad to hear that there has been no push back against this idea. Students coming together to assist their fellow students is what college is all about. Let’s hope that this trend starts to spread outside of the state of Florida. Every college campus should be striving to make life safer for their student body and the Owl Shot is one of the most brilliant ideas that we have ever heard.

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