Move Over, Pineapple. Banana Is The New Controversial Pizza Topping

Yes, you read that right. Banana. Pizza. I know what you’re probably thinking, “Oh, it’s one of those dessert pizzas, right?” Wrong. So very, very wrong. This pizza throws out the rulebook on making pizza and dives right into the chaos of banana, shrimp, and mushrooms sharing space on the same round disk of dough.

Every once in a while, we have to stop and ask ourselves how we got here, as a society. It started off with pineapple – aka, the gateway topping. From there, the anarchy increased and spread throughout the world until Sweden came along and outdid us all with the banana concoction you see pictured above.

Now, before you go slicing up bananas and throwing them on pizzas all willy-nilly, let’s take a look at some “traditional” Swedish pizza. Mehmed Aslan owns a pizza restaurant in Stockholm, and he says that the banana curry pizza is a popular choice during the winter months. Other interesting pizzas include a kabab pizza and a pineapple curry pizza with bananas. Pineapple and banana? Are you kidding me?

Would you try any of these unusual pizza combinations?

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