She Pours Marbles Into A Dollar Store Pie Pan… When You See The Result, You’ll Do It Too!

Go ahead and collect some bakeware items from around the house or from the dollar store and get to creating these super clever DIY projects with us! The one pictured above is made with two pie pans. Put a layer of marbles in the first pie pan, and then place the second pan on top. This will create a mini lazy-Suzan that you can use to put condiments and other things on and use at the dinner table. Isn’t that a brilliant idea?

This next project uses a cookie sheet and some glass stones, both of which you can find at the dollar store. Simply layer on the glass stones and set the sheet by the front door as a convininet and pretty place to store wet shoes. The glass stones provide enough ariation so your shoes dry off, plus, you won’t ruin the carpet. Win-win!

Another fun cookie sheet project is this message board! You just need some contact paper and magnets. Once you’ve applied the contact paper, use magnets to stick a holder for pens and pencils on the board, and get some magnetic clips to hold post-it notes and notepads. What a cute idea!

Who doesn’t want a tiered serving tray? These come in handy when entertaining, or even just to have around the house for different kinds of snacks. This project is totally customizable. You can use fancy glasses or even candlesticks, whichever you prefer.

Go ahead and watch the video below for even more cute and clever DIYs using bakeware!

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