Allergy Sufferers Facing A ‘Brutal’ Spring, Outlook Suggests

Since the groundhog did not actually see his shadow this year, we are expected to have a much shorter winter. That is good news for the majority of us. No one likes to deal with the cold, nasty weather and accompanying flu season.

However, there are also those who suffer from seasonal allergies. These allergies can turn springtime into a nightmare for anyone who is unfortunate enough to experience them. Alan Reppert is the Senior Meteorologist for AccuWeather and he issued a stern warning to those who are looking forward to spring. If you are a grass pollen sufferer, you should be preparing for “a long and severe season into summer.”

The pollen levels are expected to be much higher than usual in the eastern half of the United States. Whether you reside in Texas or Michigan, you are going to have to remain on high alert. If you are a seasonal allergy sufferer, rest assured, you are not alone. There are 50 million fellow sufferers for you to share your horror stories with.

The runny noses and watery eyes that are often associated with spring can be tough to deal with. That’s why Reppert is here to offer an advance warning. Much of the East Coast and the Gulf Coastline are going to be grappling with the issue and it’s expected to be one of the most severe tree pollen seasons in recent memory.

Though the West Coast isn’t expected to be as severely affected by the pollen, the northern Plains and the Rocky Mountains are expected to experience a much higher level of pollen than usual.

Be sure to make an appointment with a certified allergist if you are looking to remain proactive this spring. They will give you all of the tips and pointers that you need. You are going to need to take certain precautions as well, such as avoiding the outdoors during the dusky hours and trying your best to avoid going outside between the hours of 5:00 AM and 10:00 AM.

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