This Guy Got A Tattoo Of Baby Yoda Sipping A White Claw

Baby Yoda is inspiring a great deal of obsession for many of us. There are a plethora of wonderful memes to enjoy and we cannot get enough of the little guy. Tiny Yoda is truly a blessing for us all. Those of you who have also watched The Mandalorian can definitely relate. While you may think that your obsession has gotten unhealthy, this man’s is on another level.

It is one thing to watch the show and take in all of the memes. This man got a tattoo of the baby Yoda. His obsession will now live on forever. This would be noteworthy enough by itself, for sure. The tattoo comes with a little something extra, though. His Baby Yoda is actually sipping a White Claw! This is the most 2019 tattoo that we have ever seen.

The man’s name is Brock McLaughlin. Those who follow him on Twitter probably know him for his unique display name. The world of Twitter refers to him as Baby Yoda’s Baby Daddy. Of course, the photo that he shared of his new tattoo immediately went viral. How could anyone possibly resist sharing this picture with their friends and loved ones? Otherwise, no one would ever believe them in a million years.

“Baby Yoda holding a White Claw” sounds like a form of 2019 Mad Libs. The only thing missing is a boom box that plays “Old Town Road” on repeat. We have got more than a few questions on this matter. First of all, isn’t it irresponsible to let a baby drink like this? Sure, the Baby Yoda is not an actual baby (according to the show) but that does not make it any less unsettling.

Secondly, what made this man come up with this idea? It is too specific to be random. Brock has also not stopped to consider the fact that the first season is not over yet. What if the Baby Yoda is a red herring? What if he turns out to be one of the bad guys? Brock will certainly end up with some egg on his face at that point in time.

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