How To Order The ‘Baby Yoda Frappuccino’ From Starbucks

If you are anything like us, you have been deep in thought about the baby Yoda for the past week or so. It is a hard thing to get off our minds, to be quite frank. Those who have been watching The Mandalorian are already well aware of his existence. Now that we have seen the first episode of this show, our ability to think about anything else is in serious jeopardy.

You try to avoid thinking about the baby Yoda once you have seen him for yourself! Not that simple, now is it? Who wouldn’t want to pick up the baby and squeeze him? You would have to be dead inside not to love him. Sorry, but we are not sorry! The good folks at Starbucks are now catering to this obsession that we have and we absolutely love them for it. is the brainchild behind numerous beverages that have captured our hearts in the past. The Sally and the Jack Skellington are just a few of their concoctions. The Baby Yoda Frappuccino is nowhere and we cannot wait to get our hands on one. Once you have had the chance to hear more about the beverage, you will have to admit that it sounds rather amazing.

It might be green and brown but that does not make it any less tasty. In order to create this beverage, a Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino has to be established. This is of the utmost importance and we cannot stress this enough. This part of the drink functions as the cloak of the baby Yoda. From there, various toppings are added to make the beverage truly complete.

After all, no baby Yoda beverage would be complete without the caramel ribbon crunchies, whipped cream and caramel. Once you have had a taste of this drink, you are going to wonder where it has been all of your life. This is a secret menu beverage but it is fairly easy to put together. You are not going to have a difficult time ordering it, in our humble opinion.

It is now time for you to pass this story along to the friends and loved ones who are also looking to pay homage to the baby Yoda. You can’t ask for this drink by name but it is incredibly simple to create. If this drink is not placed on your bucket list immediately, we are not sure if our friendship is going to survive. All jokes aside, it is high time that you got our act together and this beverage is a huge part of that equation!

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