How To Make Baby Yoda Christmas Cookies Using An Angel Cutter

Baby Yoda is more than a young Jedi Master, he’s apparently a delicious cookie.

Perhaps you have seen the glut of baby Yoda toys and memes that seem to follow the franchise. Now that the Mandalorian character is out, it is out in a big way.

If you are somebody who loves baby Yoda, you might want to try a unique way to bring him home. That is where Katy Atakturk, a Washington-based baker comes in. She shared a unique trick on social media to allow you to make your own baby Yoda cookies using the head of an Angel cookie cutter.

“Beheaded the Angel cookie cutter,” she wrote on Reddit, under the handle GeoGal42. “No regrets.”

She also had the following to say on her Instagram account: “When you chop off the head of an Angel cookie-cutter it sorta looks like Baby Yoda! Also, rock hammer for scale.”

A standard Angel cookie cutter was used that was similar to a triangle with the wings extending on either side.

She then made some sugar cookie dough, since it is a fairly flat cookie when it is baked. Atakturk pushed the Angel cookie cutter through the cookie dough and then pulled off the head.

After making the cutouts, royal icing was used that she made with powdered sugar, food coloring and pasteurized egg whites. It filled in the robe, green head, and white scarf. She used sugar pearls for the eyes. Be aware that it does take some skill for the piping technique, but it is well worth learning.

In the end, she ended up with an awesome baby Yoda shape in his robe and the angel wings turned into Yoda ears.

“Ok, so as soon as I wake up tomorrow, I’m going to buy an angel cookie cutter and cut its head off. Then I’m making cookies,” wrote Redditor Rainwraith, in response to Atakturk’s post in the r/Star Wars community. “Those are words I never in my life thought I would type.”

Joked fellow Reddit user MADMusicMakers: “Baby Yoda will be eaten #spoiler.”

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