New ‘Baby Shark’ Song Makes Hand-Washing Fun And Easy For Kids

“Baby Shark” has returned and not a moment too soon! The shark family has a very important message to deliver and the good folks at Pinkfong are here to help. The catchy tune has now been reworked to include crucial instructions about washing your hands. We are sure that this new song is going to delight all of the little ones who have made the original tune into a runaway smash hit.

Instead of hearing about the family of sharks, you are now going to be told to wash your hands. The song is wonderful for little ones who need a little bit of assistance when they are at the sink. The first step is a simple one: wash your hands. From there, it is time for children to grab some soap. Rub your hands, rinse your hands, and the process is complete. Be sure to dry your hands at the end, too.

The song is also offering children a number of other tips that are designed to slow the spread of the virus. Children are advised to cough into their elbows whenever possible. When they sneeze, they are urged to cover their mouths. Let’s be honest here: there are lots of adults that could probably use the refresher course and we are glad that it’s in song form.

There are other ditties that are designed to get the point across as well. Daniel Tiger is a common favorite of the little ones and he’s got a handwashing song that is sure to be stuck in your head once you have had heard it. This version allows children to envision themselves as the protagonist of a Super Mario Brothers-type game, where they get to zap all of the nasty germs.

“Germs, Germs Go Away” has a very predictable tune and if little ones sing the refrain of the Daniel Tiger song twice, this places them at the 20-second mark for washing hands. Take a moment to give it a listen before passing it along to the parents in your life.

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