Baby Girl Sees Big Brother Step Off Bus & Absolutely Loses It In Heart-Melting Video.

On weekday afternoons, this is pretty much the happiest girl on the planet.

The video below opens with an adorable little girl in the cab of her daddy’s truck, straining to see out of the window. She’s totally focused on something just outside of the window, but what is it? A cat perhaps? Maybe another cute little girl that could be her friend? A gathering of Disney princesses?


The camera swivels to follow her gaze, and offers our first hint into what all the excitement’s about…


It’s just a regular old school bus. Is she anxious to join the rest of the cooler, older kids in school? Sure, she’s still in diapers and no, she hasn’t gotten a hang of the whole talking thing yet. Maybe by the time she’s enrolled, she’ll get the hang of a few things and…

Hey! Hush! There he is!! It’s him!!!


Who, Elmo?

Nope, even better, as far as she’s concerned. It’s her hero, her protector, her big brother, and he’s HOME, and just look at her adorably excited reaction!


This little girl can hardly contain her joy as she bursts into the most heartwarming screeches and giggles you’ve ever heard. These noises surely indicate a close sibling relationship indeed. At the tail end of this short clip, the excited little sister tries to make a break for it and open the passenger door to greet him. Just hold on, sweetheart, he’ll be there in just another sec!

This adorable video comes from Redditor natsdorf of Louisville, Kentucky. This sweet display of sibling love has melted hundreds of thousands of hearts since he posted it a couple years back. Viewers simply can’t get enough of the little girl’s reaction, and it’s easy to see why! Her precious love and adoration for her brother are just what you need to get through your day.

Watch the clip below and share with your siblings to let them know no matter how old you are, you’re always happy to see them!

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