Bazooka Made Baby Bottle Pop And Juicy Drop Pop Candy Canes

Baby Bottle Pops are an interesting concept but you do not want to think too hard about them. There is something inherently Freudian about these treats. However, they do provide us with the opportunity to take one of our favorites (sugar!) and dip it into….more sugar!! Who wouldn’t love that? The good folks at Bazooka snapped when they came up with this awesome idea.

Now, they are looking to enhance your holiday season with Baby Bottle Pop Candy Canes and we are here for it. In addition to the holiday edition of these candies, Bazooka is also offering a new kind of Juicy Drop Pops. If you do not remember these candies, give us the chance to refresh your memory. Juicy Drop Pops are lollipops that are accompanied by a syringe.

The syringe is used to add more liquid to the pop, thus enhancing the level of flavor. Those who love sour candies are all about these bad boys. Baby Bottle Pops are designed to look like a baby bottle but they are certainly not for little ones. They come with a lollipop that is taken off so that it can be dipped into the bottle that is filled with powder.

Of course, this is the reason why so many children have so many cavities. We cannot believe that these types of candies are marketed to the general populace. Maybe you were hoping for a Christmas themed version of these candies, though? If so, you are now in luck. They both come in the form of candy canes! Best of all, they have been designed to be a bit tamer than the versions of old.

The normal shaped candy canes are present but the signature vials are also on hand. Juicy Drop Pop fans can enjoy the Knock Out Punch and Apple Attack flavors. When you purchase these treats, you are given three candy canes and three of the gels. This allows you to mix and match the flavors to your liking. The Baby Bottle candy canes also come in threes!

Strawberry and blue raspberry flavors are provided. We cannot wait to check out these treats for ourselves and at $2 a piece, they make for a phenomenal stocking stuffer. The prices may vary depending on where you live so be forewarned. You are going to want to move quickly. No one knows how long these treats are going to remain on the store shelves. All of the ’90s kids out there are sure to snatch them up!

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