Awesome Concrete Snowman Tutorial!

Who’s ready for winter? A lot of places have already had their first snow of the year, which means it’s time for snowman decor, right? We certainly think so. Check out this easy, awesome snowman outdoor decor idea! It’s great for the holidays, obviously, but this is one decoration that you can keep up until spring and use again year after year. See the tutorial below!


For this fun project, you’ll need a sturdy rope. In the tutorial video below, they used a cotton blend clothesline. You can choose something else, thinner or wider depending on your preferences, but you’ll need something that has at leasy a little bit of cotton to absorb the concrete.

Next, you’ll need punching balls, which are really just thick balloons that come with a handle. You can find these at most craft stores or in the toy aisle of Walmart or Target. Finally, you’ll need a concrete mix. The cement used in the video is an underlayment, but you can also use Portland cement. Both of these are very fine concrete powders.

Prep The Balloons

First things first. Blow up your balloons in three differenct sizes according to how big you want your snowman to be.

Then mix the concrete and water in a two to one ratio. Dip your rope in the cement, making sure it is completely covered. Wrap the rope around each balloon in a criss-cross pattern, making sure to cover enough space to keep everything held together.

Set It Up

Once you let your balloons wrapped in concrete dry for at least twenty-four hours, go ahead and pop the balloons. Then, grab a rebar and either stick in in the ground, or place it in a topiary, securing it with soil and rocks.

Position the concrete balls on the rebar to form your snowman! Top with a hat, scarf, carrot nose, whatever you see fit. That’s the true beauty of DIY – you can totally customize these projects to your exact style.

The End Result:

Isn’t this little guy absolutely adorable? You can make a few of these snowmen in different sizes to keep around the yard or porch. We are in love with this project!

Get more detailed instructions in the video below!

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