Things We Took for Granted As Kids That Are Now Worth Good Money

From inexpensive toys to basic household items, there are some vintage objects which have a lot of value on the market right now. They seemed pretty common to us back in the day.They might not have been that costly at the time, but these days a sense of nostalgia as well as a love vintage quality and design have driven the prices up on what were arguably really very average items. Have a look at 8 things we took for granted as kids which are now worth good money!

8) Folding Lawn Chairs

Despite the fact that you will nearly always manage to get your fingers caught in them somehow, these ubiquitous folding lawn chairs are now selling for decent prices. We’ve seen these chairs for sale at $50-$100 each! You can get a new folding lawn chair for less than $10 but it won’t be standing the test of time like these bad boys!

7) Vintage Denim

Denim workwear from the 1940s and 1950s has proved to be an extremely collectible genre of vintage clothing. Many of these items didn’t survive at all due to their heavy use on the job, so wearable pieces are rare finds indeed. Even later and more fashionable denim like 1970s bellbottoms can fetch hundreds of dollars. The Levi’s “Big E” jacket below sold for $6,600 in 2019. Due to the popularity of this jacket, Levi’s has now re-issued it for a mere $395!

6) Enamel Pots

At the time they were thought of as an economical choice, but today enamelware has nostalgic and financial value. Dansk, Sheffield, and older French makers are examples of good sellers today. Single pots or percolators can sell for $100-$200, wile sets can sell in the hundreds.

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