Artists Transform Hateful Swastika Graffiti Into Creative Works Of Art

Some people look at street art as nothing more than graffiti but it has actually played a part in social change through the ages. Those messages are left by the artist on a blank wall and are there for the world to see. Sometimes, those artists will do something a little different with their creativity. That is the case with Ibo Omari, a Berlin-based artist that is using his skills to change swastikas into clever pieces of art.

Ibo is targetting those hateful messages with cartoonish art. He is showcasing this in the series, ‘Paintback’ and is using a team of artists to target those swastikas that are drawn hastily on walls and walkways. They are using some rather imaginative drawings to camouflage the swastikas, from Soduku puzzles to Rubik’s cubes.

Some are simplistic and others are more elaborate.

He started this project as a branch of his organization, Die kulturellen Erben (“The Cultural Heritage”) His aim is to improve Berlin neighborhoods by getting communities together to create.

A Berlin-based artist, Ibo Omari started an inspiring art project known as Paintback. His team of artists is using creative methods to camouflage swastikas in Berlin.

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