You Can Now Get Slippers That Lets You Step On Bricks Without Any Pain

The pain of stepping on a piece of LEGO – it’s a universal pain felt around the world by parents everywhere, and has been immortalized by plenty of memes. But there was a reason to celebrate, as LEGO partnered with French advertising agency Brand Station, in order to create LEGO slippers meant to spare us further infliction from these fun-but-deadly-in-the-dark toys.

As the French blog, Piwee, reveals, Brand Station produced a limited edition of these slippers. As the Huffington Post reported, 1,500 were available and randomly distributed to people who filled out a Christmas wishlist on the LEGO toys French website. The slipper, which has extra insole padding, was no doubt, every parents’ wish come true.

Bravo Station also made a video to showcase how these thick and plush slippers were made. According to CNET, these padded slippers are bright red and yellow and have their logo embossed on them.

They are an open back slipper, and are also interchangeable between your right and left feet, meaning you can just slip them on and go – something that is helpful if you’re stumbling around in the dark in a hurry. But their most important feature is obviously sparing you from the pain that is associated with stepping on LEGO.

So now the parents who were lucky enough to get some can start the new year confident that their feet will be protected from those nasty little bits of LEGO that your kids love to play with so much.

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