Ankle Scarves Are The Cold Winter Accessory That We Wish Were Real

Have you ever heard the phrase “Fashion before comfort”? Well, these ankle socks take things to another level!

Cropped pants (pants cut just above the ankle) seem to be all the rage in men’s fashion these days. But what are you supposed to do when it gets chilly outside? With your ankle exposed to the harsh winter environment, you are gonna have to find a way to bundle them up.

Enter…Ankle Scarves.

Photo: Lercio

While this isn’t a real trend, we find it hilarious.

The “idea” for them was based on a satire piece from German publication Der Postillon.

“Ankle-free fashion – also known as “flanking” – is still very much in vogue, especially among young people,” the satire post translates to. “But the lower the temperatures fall, the more often one now encounters adolescents who have tied ankle scarves so as not to freeze.”

You could pull off the look by purchasing baby scarves online?

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