10 Artists Taking Pottery To A Whole New Level!

Anyone who makes pottery is already an incredibly talented artist. The way you have to spin the clay and mold it with your hands is truly an amazing skill! The artists featured below have really taken this art form to the next level. See how these artists perfect and hone their skills to create masterpieces!

Jon Almeda

Jon Almeda specializes in tiny pottery. He even made a miniature wheel to throw is tiny pieces on. If you’ve ever tried your hand at pottery, you know the skill and patience it requires. Imagine all of that, but in a miniatrue form!

Adrien Miller

As you can see, Adrien Miller has a thing for putting faces in his pottery. It might not be everyone’s style, but there’s no denying his talent! Some of the faces are even modled after real people.

Dean McRaine

Dean works with colored clay. He uses the clay to make intricate designs in large blocks. Each block takes about three months to make. Dean can get up to 500 pieces of pottery from just one block.

Hedy Yang

This artist uses bubles to glaze her pottery. The stunning result makes the pottery look like marble! Amazing!

Vicente Garcia

Vicente smokes feathers onto his pottery for an astonishing look. The technique is similar to the Native American horsehair pottery.

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