Japanese People Are Polishing Ordinary Aluminum Foil Balls Into Perfectly Shiny Orbs

Aluminum foil is one of those household items that just tend to sit in a drawer until we need it to cover a plate or dish. The product is rather handy because people use it for food storage, cooking and all kind of other needs. It seems that people in Japan have found a rather interesting way to use aluminum foil and the internet loves it. They are rolling up a ball of the foil and when they are finished, it is a beautiful metal orb.

You are probably full of questions by now as to how they are doing it. If you have a few tools, some patience and a lot of time, you can do it for yourself. Of course, it also helps to have someone showing you the process and SKYtomo has just the YouTube video for you. He shows you how to produce the orb out of a box of foil.

He starts by rolling it into a tight ball and then used a small hammer to flatten and compress the orb. At this point, it is the right shape but it still doesn’t have the shine. That is when you would sand the ball using fine sandpaper and water. Eventually, the shiny exterior is polished using cream and a chamois.

You can see him transform the aluminum foil ball into a shiny orb.

SKYtomo created this video, which is awesome to watch. It is a challenging DIY project that turns something ordinary into something extraordinary. People in Japan have tried this process and, thanks for a viral Reddit post, others from around the world are going to be trying it as well.

The trend was started after a jewelry artist named Atelier Puchuco shared his sphere on Twitter

The project has gone viral in Japan. You start with an aluminum ball

Compress it

And you end up with this

Here are some pictures from other DIYers

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