5 Signs That Your Allergies Are Something Much Worse

It’s that time of year again – the temperatures are climbing up, the sun is out, the flowers are blooming, and we’re reaching for our nasal spray first thing in the morning. Springtime brings so many wonderful things, and one not so wonderful thing: allergies. If you’re one of an estimated 50 million Americans who suffers from Real Seasonal Allergies, you know the routine; itchy, watery eyes, scratchy throat, a nose that won’t stop running. In the sea of tissues and OTC antihistamines, it can be easy to overlook other illnesses. Is your throat sore because of sneezing all the dang time, or from an infection? Can allergies give you a fever? Read on to find out what are true allergy symptoms, and what symptoms are cause for concern.

Green Snot

It’s not pleasant to have to think about, but checking your snot can actually tell you a lot about your health! Clear snot is normal, and not a cause for concern. Allergy sufferers will likely have clear or yellow snot. Yellow indicates that your body is working to fight off the irritant, and things are all going according to plan. You may even have pink or red specks in your snot if you have allergies. The specks are blood, which sounds scary, but it just means that your nasal passages are irritated. Green snot, however, indicates an infection that your body may not be equipped to deal with on its own. If you’ve seen green snot for more than a week, head to your doctor to get some antibiotics!

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