Aldi’s Is Selling A Boozy Valentine’s Day Drink

I think they secretly knows what all the single people want when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Last year, the retailer stocked up on Chocolate Red Wine from The Chocolate Cellar. But the chain has decided to take things up a notch by adding Connelly’s Strawberry Country Cream to its shelves.

People describe the drink similar to Baileys Strawberries & Cream flavor. You could add it to your coffee, but we recommend a nice boozy strawberry milkshake to get you through the holiday.

Although the Baileys version has 17% ABV, Connelly’s has around 13.9% ABV. But don’t focus too much on that, because the Baileys goes for over $20 and Aldi has Connelly’s in stores for $8.99 per bottle, according to The Krazy Koupon Lady.

There is no time to procrastinate as this drink will only be around for a limited time! We can even bet that it will sell out in most stores.

I know one thing, this Valentine’s day I will be drinking a boozy milkshake and watching a movie on the couch with my dog.

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