This Magical Cafe Brings The Enchanting City Of Agrabah From ‘Aladdin’ To Life

Aladdin fans can now spend time in the magical city from the movie, thanks to a very innovative cafe.

The new Aladdin re-immersed Disney fans in the fictional city of Agrabah, a city full of magic. Agrabah has been brought to life by The Grounds of Alexandria cafe.

The cafe features a marketplace just like the one that Jasmine and Aladdin visit in the movie, plus a giant magic lamp and hanging lanterns. The menu includes limited edition items like a “Magic Carpet Ride” cocktail and “Friend Like Me” tea.

At the launch of the new look, the cafe even featured a full barn setup with a live camel.

The enchanting installation will remain open until June 16.

There’s just one catch: The Grounds at Alexandria only has one location, and it’s in Australia.

Judging by these photos, though, it’d definitely be worth hitching a magic carpet ride to check it out.

Aladdin has been brought to life at a very special cafe in Australia, The Grounds of Alexandria.

“In celebration of Disney’s live-action adaptation of Aladdin, The Grounds of Alexandria has transformed into a wonderful world inspired by Agrabah, a fictitious port city of mystique and enchantment where anything is possible, even magic lamps,” the cafe’s website reads.

The installation features various sections for different fictional places in the movie. There’s a palace area with “majestic archways, surrounded by intricate gold detail, layered embellishments, turquoise accents, and lace lanterns.”

And there’s a Cave of Wonders, featuring “gold riches and luxury dressings, and, of course, a magical golden lamp.”

Three times a day, the lamp blows purple smoke and something ~magical~ happens.

Then there’s a courtyard with hanging lanterns, ottomans, and cushions for lounging.

At night, the cafe lights up with Arabian Night Markets as a replica of the marketplace from the movie.

But the installation contains more than just pretty sights and photo ops. There is also a limited-edition Aladdin-themed menu.

There’s the “I Wish For More” cake, a pistachio sponge layered with white chocolate and orange blossom mousse and raspberry confit. There’s a golden genie lamp on top.

Then there’s the Magic Carpet Ride, a magical guava and jasmine butterfly pea cocktail that comes with a potion on the side. When you pour the potion in, the cocktail changes colors.

There’s also a “Friend Like Me” tea, which comes in a magic lamp. It contains hibiscus, apple, pomegranate, and rosehip, and there’s enough for two people to share.

The “Jafar Cake” is a jaffa cake-style dessert:

“A mandarin orange with white chocolate & orange mousse, citrus and almond cake, and textures of mandarin.”

And last but not least, there’s the “Three Wishes” dessert board.

The tasting board features three desserts: “A raspberry rosewater & pistachio slice, a fig & date pudding with pecan brittle and custard ice cream, and our Jafar cake.”

Convinced?! The Aladdin installation will remain at The Grounds at Alexandria until June 16.

It’s open from 7 a.m. daily. The laneways are open for wandering until 9 p.m. each night

If you’re not lucky enough to live in Australia, you may just have to settle for another rewatch of the movie. Or, you could try to make some Aladdin-themed desserts and cocktails at home!

Aladdin debuted in theaters in the US on May 24.

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