What Is Air Pruning And How Can It Help Plant Growth?

air pruning 1
Have you heard of air pruning? This is a method of container gardening that will improve the quality and life of your plants. Whether you’re growing fruits, veggies, or just enjoying some beautiful blooms, this trick is sure to be a real game changer.

If you’ve ever purchased plant starters from big box stores or even your local home and garden store, you’ve probably taken the plant out of the container and noticed a gigantic root ball. This isn’t good for the plant, as you may have guessed. But, what can you do about it?

air pruning 2
Here is where air pruning comes in! By drilling holes in your containers, you allow the roots space to breathe and really reach out and grab all the nutrients they can. When the roots get all twisted, they end up suffocating the plant and it’s unable to get the majority of nutrients from the soil. This won’t necessarily kill the plant, but it will significantly hinder its growth.

Go ahead and see what a huge difference drilling a few holes into a container can make for the health and life of your plants!

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