Why Does The Chocolate In An Advent Calendar Taste Different?

Life can get pretty miserable when you are dealing with the cold, snow and short days of December. There is one thing that can make it better, however, and that is chocolate. If you are somebody that has an advent calendar, you already realize that it isn’t the easiest thing to get the chocolate out of the plastic prison. Some people might even be willing to toss the calendar and just eat a Hershey bar every day but there is something savory about that Advent calendar chocolate that makes it special.

This may leave you wondering if there is normal chocolate in an Advent calendar or if it is something special.

As it turns out, it depends on the calendar.

If you buy an upgraded calendar from a branded source, such as Cadbury, then you will probably get chocolate that tastes like Cadbury. On the other hand, the size and shape of the treat may be different than what you are accustomed to from that brand.

In most cases, the Advent calendar chocolate is square with rounded corners and relatively thin. There is also typically a shape embossed on the surface. Because of its size, it will likely melt on your tongue quickly. It will also do a number on your taste buds because of the larger surface area. If you were eating regular chocolate, you would probably reach for another piece right away but with an Advent calendar, you only get one piece every day.

The real reason why Advent calendar chocolate is likely to taste better is that you are paying more attention to it.

On the other hand, if you purchase a generic calendar to save money, you probably are getting chocolate that you don’t typically eat.

When you consume a piece of cheap chocolate, you are basically consuming a piece of fake chocolate. It isn’t made with cocoa butter, it’s made with cheaper fats and it is called “compound chocolate.” More than likely, it is made with coconut oil or palm kernel oil. As a result, you will have a piece of chocolate with a different taste and texture so it may seem a little oily or waxy. Compound chocolate is preferred by some Advent calendar companies because it is easier to mold into shapes. It is also cheaper, which is beneficial for the brand.

The bottom line is, you will likely taste something different when you eat chocolate from your Advent calendar. Some people like it, some people don’t but it is nostalgic if nothing else.

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