You Can Rent An Adult-Sized Treehouse Where Alpacas And Llamas Roam A Bamboo Forest

Ever since Airbnb has come into existence, our lives have never been the same. We experience some fantastic deals but there are also some hidden gems that are wonderful to experience. This includes your choice of either a cottage or a tree house in an area where llamas and alpacas roam the grounds.

The bamboo forest that is the setting for this unique Airbnb is not in the middle of the jungle. Sure, it is in a bamboo forest but it is located in the middle of Atlanta. You will also love knowing that the animals are rescued and reclaimed materials were used to build the treehouse.

Imagine how lovely it would be to wake up in the morning and see a llama in your backyard!

If you choose the treehouse, you have a better opportunity to see an animal roaming the grounds. After all, it is on stilts high above the forest floor.

Photo: Airbnb

The treehouse is very popular on Airbnb and people are renting it for events, including weddings.

Karen O’Brien is the owner of this little Airbnb slice of paradise. What might surprise you is that she didn’t get a lot of support when she first thought up the idea. “Everyone said it was a terrible idea,” she told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “But I’m not one to really listen to other people.”

You will pay $375 per night for the Airbnb treehouse and $134 per night for the cottage. There is even a ‘Llama Alpaca Experience‘ offered by O’Brein on Airbnb so you can get more out of your stay.

There are some interesting details to the buildings since they are made from reclaimed materials. For example, the entry door for the treehouse comes from a home in Atlanta that once belonged to the mayor.

Photo: Airbnb

The cottage has its own charm. It is on the farm as well, although it is not in the bamboo forest. You will still be able to see the animals from your window.

Photo: Airbnb

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shared a video on Airbnb units and the interviewed O’Brien. She talked about the effect the treehouse has had on some guests.

“We’ve had proposals and weddings – it seems like it’s a place where people have come together, and celebrate each other and are really happy, and that was something we didn’t expect when we started it.”

You can see the llamas and alpacas in this video:

O’Brien talks about how the bamboo may have been there since the 1940s but nobody really knows why. It just adds a little mystery to the surroundings.

The baby llamas add something as well.

Perhaps it is best said in one of her captions:

“There’s a llama in my bamboo forest.”

I’m ready to go, how about you?

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