AMC Releases A Black Icee Ahead Of The New Addams Family Movie

If you haven’t seen it all over social media already, The Addams Family movie is hitting theaters on October 11th. From restaurants menus to candy bars, different companies are using the movie’s likeness to promote their products. But our favorite so far has to be this black cherry Icee that almost appears blacker than black.

Photo: AMC

You can find the “Spooky Black Cherry Icee” in AMC theaters for a limited time. The drink is completely black and will most likely turn your tongue black as well. This will make you feel like a kid all over again…We want to order 10!

Icee rolled out a pretty similar drink when the movie Men In Black was released. Instagrammer Markie Devo pointed out how big of a hit it was back then, so we can only imagine how big this drink will be as well.

Although the movie is slated to be released on October 11th, some movie-goers have been able to find the drink in select theaters already.

Our favorite time of year is in full swing and we’ll make sure to continue reporting on all the deliciously-themed food coming your way.

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