A Healthy Beauty Routine Begins In The Shower


We’ve got all kinds of products and tools in the shower to help us get ready for our day: a loofah, shampoo and conditioner, razors and shaving cream, just to name a few. A shower can be a real asset to our beauty and skincare routine when used effectively. There are many common shower practices that actually do more harm than good to our skin and hair. Use your shower to its full potential by changing up a few of your habits.

shutterstock_319614938Makeup Removal

We might dive into the shower at the end of a long day to wash away makeup, but often this does not remove all of our makeup. Anything left behind is a recipe for clogged pores that may lead to breakouts. A gentle makeup remover followed by washing your face in the shower with a similarly gentle cleanser will leave your skin clear and ready for bed.

shutterstock_170783528Hair Treatment

Most of us immediately jump in the shower and start washing our hair. A shampoo is important but our hair benefits most when we focus on conditioning. If you’ve got a few extra minutes, apply a deep conditioner to dry hair before showering, about 10 minutes or so (3-5 minutes if you’re crunched for time). This will help protect your hair from shampooing – which typically strips our hair of healthy oils – but is also a great way to manage dry ends by giving them a little extra love. Then condition again to really give your hair that shiny, healthy look.

shutterstock_428660095Use Less Product

A handful of soap or shampoo is far more than we actually need to get clean, and too much soap or shampoo can do more harm than good, stripping our skin and hair of natural moisture. The mantra “less is more” is a good one when it comes to how much product we use in the shower. Not only will you’re hair and skin benefit, but your wallet will too!

shutterstock_235266358Skip the Loofa

While it is important to exfoliate our skin on a regular basis, a daily scrub with a loofah isn’t really necessary. Loofahs and washcloths are also carriers of bacteria, especially when they’re left in a damp shower and don’t get a chance to dry thoroughly. Unless you’re regularly changing out these shower staples or cleaning them, our own two hands are the best tools for cleaning our bodies, and far more gentle. We’re much less likely to over scrub if we’re using our hands, and we can avoid spreading bacteria over our skin. Don’t forget to exfoliate for shaving or regularly for softer skin.

shutterstock_744087838Save Shaving For the End of Your Shower

Even if you’re in a hurry, it’s best to save shaving for the end of your shower. Why? Because the warm water will give the hairs on the skin time to soften and, when combined with gentle exfoliation just before, you’ll get a much better shave, one that is smoother and healthier for the skin. This a great way to avoid razor burn and prevent the appearance of those pesky, and sometimes painful, ingrown hairs.

shutterstock_245687524Try A Cold Shower

As terrible and terrifying as it sounds, a cold shower is actually great for our skin and has all kinds of health benefits beyond just skincare. A cold shower can help shrink pores, make our skin glow and our hair shiny, and it also stimulates blood flow, which helps us to wake up and feel energized.

With all the tools and products that we have in our bathrooms as a part of our beauty arsenal, the shower is probably one of our greatest – and easiest – beauty tools. Showers are often the first step in our daily beauty routine, from skin and hair care to just waking up and getting clean. A couple of tweaks to our shower habits could be just the secret to looking good and feeling great.

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