93 Yr Old Has Spent More Than 50 Years Building This Cathedral By Hand.

Many of us have some kind of bucket list. Typically, these include items like “travel the world” or “go sky diving.” For this 93 year old, it’s “build a cathedral by hand.”

Justo Gallego has been working on a cathedral in Madrid, Spain for more than 50 years. He has invested everything into creating a place of worship “unlike any other,” and his efforts are certainly paying off.

The still unfinished building is full of detail and hard work. It includes areas for worship, a crypt (with an impressive staircase), and a parish hall and was built with basic materials like cement, old tires, and used bottles.

Justo sold all his material possessions, including his house, and contributed the profits to the construction. He wants nothing more than to build a sanctuary for God. He now lives frugally in a side room in the amazing place he built and will continue the project as long as he can.

Despite his efforts, Justo knows he won’t be able to complete the project in his lifetime, but he hopes to be buried there when his life ends. As for what will happen to the building once he’s passed, Justo doesn’t know. He plans to leave it in God’s hands and has faith that God will see the project through.

Justo has no formal training in architecture or construction but has managed to build the cathedral piece by piece from the ground up. It’s a beautiful building by design, and his passion and reason for creating it make it all the more breathtaking.

Watch Justo talk about his decades-old project in the video below and be sure to share the story with your friends.

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