9 Amazing Uses For Vick’s VapoRub You’ve Never Thought Of!

Insect Repellent

When selecting a bug repellent, the options can be overwhelming. Most of the commercial stuff is loaded with unpronounceable chemicals, but sometimes the essential oils remedies don’t quite do the trick. Just a dab of Vicks instead! The nice thing is you don’t have to coat yourself with sticky spray, simply put some Vicks behind your ears, on your wrists, and behind your knees to keep the bugs away.

Homemade Wrap That Reduces Belly Fat

I’m sure you’ve seen those belly wraps that can “melt” fat away. They cost a ton of money, and who knows if they really work or not? You can try a homemade version for yourself and see the stunning results. Don’t spend money on these wraps – make them yourself! You’ll need camphor tablets which can be purchased over the counter for pretty cheap, baking soda, rubbing alcohol, and Vicks. Crush the camphor tablet and mix it with a bit of alcohol. Add the baking soda and Vicks, and stir until smooth. Apply the paste to your belly and wrap some plastic wrap around your midsection. Leave this on for a few hours (or overnight if you can)

Whizzco for LPE