9 Ways To Get The High End Look Without The High End Price Tag!

When it comes to redecorating the house… we might have a little bit of an addiction. It’s so fun to browse through different ideas and renovate rooms and spaces and have them look completely different than when we started! However, all of that can get rather expensive, rather quickly. So, we’re always looking for ways to spruce up the place for cheap! Go ahead and check out the list below for some creative ways to get those high-end looks without the high-end price tag.

Faux Wooden Garage

Doesn’t this look amazing? We can’t believe how well this project turned out! It looks exactly like those expensive wooden garage doors that cost about $1,600. You can get this look for the price of two colors of paint.

Start by painting your garage door a light tan color. You can go darker, of course, depending on the look you’re going for. Try matching your base color with something that will go with the siding for the best results.

Then, grab a dark color, a dark brown or even black if you chose a darker base, and use a technique called “dry brushing.” This means instead of coating the brush with paint to create a smooth texture, you’ll want to wipe off a good chunk of the paint on a rag so there’s just a little bit on the brush. Then, very lightly slide the brush over the garage door. This creates depth and texture that will look like wood when you’re all done! You will have to do a few layers of dry brushing to get the right feel, but use your judgment!

Faux Expensive Baseboards

Nothing classes up a room quite like crown molding. However, that can get pricey depending on the size of the room. Instead try this inexpensive little hack!

You’ll just need some paint and thin, 3/4 inch molding that you can get for about $6 per 8 feet. Attach the molding about 3-4 inches above your base board, and then paint everything white (or whatever color you choose).

It’s really that simple! You’ll be amazed at the difference this little detail can make in a room. Go ahead and try it out for yourself!

Faux Coffered Accent Wall

What’s not to love about this classy look? Doesn’t it really bring the room together? This is such a chic and modern style, and we love it! This project is a little time-consuming, but we think you’ll agree that the end result is worth the effort.

Start by cutting and painting your 2x4s. While they are drying, measure out your wall and mark it so you know where to place your boards.

Using a nail gun, attach the boards directly onto the wall and then paint everything. Amazing! This adds such depth and character to the room, don’t you think?

Unique Backsplash

We love this fun project for many reasons. Of course, there’s the fact that it’s cheap, but we also love that there are so many options for this look. Pretty much whatever you can dream up, you can make it happen in your kitchen!

For this, you’ll need… washi tape! Yes, you read that right. That’s how this project is so flexible. There are literally thousands of colors and patterns of washi tape, so you’re sure to find something that fits your personality and matches your kitchen.

Grab your washi tape, we recommend at least four different colors and/or patterns. Cut strips evenly, the length is up to you depending on the look you want. Then, press the tape down in straight lines, making sure to stagger the strips to give everything that tiled look. You’ll want to finish everything off with a sealant to protect your hard work!

Faux Shiplap Wall

Shiplap is very trendy and popular right now, and you can get the look for pennies on the dolar! All you need is some lined contact paper.

Measure your walls and then cut your strips of contact paper. Make sure to line up each strip to maintain solid lines across the wall to get the look of wood. Use a flat edge to apply the contact paper and smoothe out any bubbles.

To finish up, use the flat edge and an X-acto knife to trim up the edges around the corners and windows. That’s it! The best part is, the contact paper is easily removable, so this look is perfect for those who rent!

Watch the video below to find out other high-end project ideas!

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