9 Healthy Habits To Practice Every Day


Sometimes we need a little direction to help us start and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We often make big goals but lose sight of the day-to-day process that we need to do in order to accomplish those big-picture goals. Taking the first step in establishing healthy habits is often the hardest part of any journey. We’ve come up with a short list of healthy habits that just might help you to start to make healthier choices. Some might be harder than others, but each step gets you closer to your goals.

Sometimes it’s easier to start with just one change and once you’ve found a way to make it work, start to add another, and then another. We’ve operated under the myth that a habit can be broken or established in a matter of days (21 is the number often considered the benchmark for making or breaking habits). Habits take a long time to make, and a long time to break. So that’s why choosing one of these nine healthy habits to start with will help make these changes easier and more likely to stick. Start small and slowly but methodically work your way towards incorporating each of these habits into your lifestyle.

shutterstock_702461203#9 Take 9,000 steps every day.

Use a fitness tracker or an app on your smartphone to help you keep track of your steps. Get up and move during the work day, especially if you sit down for most of the day.

shutterstock_90376132#8 Get 8 hours of sleep.

We need sleep in order to mentally and physically healthy. Shoot for a solid 8 hours of sleep by setting a bedtime alert on your phone and stick to it.

shutterstock_453314785#7 Drink 7 glasses of water a day.

You can jazz up your water by adding fruits, like citrus or berries to help make that many ounces of water easier to swallow. Remember, your daily fluid intake isn’t just limited to water; juices, coffee, even certain foods are also sources of water. Be sure you’re choosing foods and liquids that will hydrate you the right way.

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