Family Converts 80-Year-Old Barn Into A Modern Farmhouse With An Exposed Interior Roof Frame

Growing up, Andrew Towne never dreamed that 80-year-old barn he would play in as a child would end up being a modern home for his family.

Towne grew up in Medina, Ohio on his family’s farm and would play in the hayloft of the barn, originally for made for horses.

Andrew and his wife, Crystal Madrilejos, met in elementary school and would later become high school sweethearts. They ended up getting married and moving into the farmhouse on Andrew’s family’s property.

Photo: Youtube / Houzz

As their new family started growing, Andrew’s mom suggested they convert the old barn into their dream home.

They thought it was a great idea and hired a company that specialized in converting old barns into livable homes.

Photo: Youtube / Houzz

The result was a one-of-a-kind open space that somehow manages to feel cozy. The original interior roof frame was kept intact and is now the focal point of the home.

Photo: Youtube / Houzz

The bedrooms and bathrooms are located downstairs while the main living space is upstairs. They took every measure to make sure it was as energy-efficient as possible.

Photo: Youtube / Houzz

Today, the barn looks nothing like it did when they bought it. Take a look at the entire process in the video below:

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