8 Ways To Get Rid Of A Cold Quickly


A week with the cold or flu virus is the worst! And we’ll do just about anything to shorten the duration of our symptoms. Once the bug is in us, there isn’t much we can do, but we can take measures to help fight off the effects of that virus and hopefully shorten its duration. Some of the remedies these are fairly well known, while others may come as a surprise, especially the last item on this list!

8 Natural Cold Remedies To Shorten Symptoms

shutterstock_229272709Eat chicken soup

Grandma always swore by the healing properties of her chicken soup, and now there’s science to confirm what grandma always knew was true. Cysteine is a natural antioxidant released from the chicken during the cooking process, which can help strengthen our immune system’s efforts to fight the virus, while the protein itself is a healthy source of energy for our tired bodies; and the salty broth can also help to thin mucus. So if you want to start feeling better, a serving of chicken soup can do wonders to initiate that process.


Water is an important part of a healthy immune system, and when we’re sick, we must be especially mindful of staying hydrated. Make a fruit-filled water to not only make it taste better but to also get the benefits of the vitamins found in the fruit (vitamin C is very helpful in fighting colds), but also beneficial is a warm cup of tea. Warm drinks, like hot water with lemon and honey, can soothe a sore throat and help alleviate congestion.

shutterstock_261206570Garlic and Ginger

We love to cook with both of these ingredients, but beyond seasoning our food, garlic and ginger can “season” our immune system. Eating raw garlic might sound like an invitation for vampire-killing breath but it is an excellent source of antioxidants and antibiotics. It can also help with congestion, as the chemicals released while chewing the garlic can help alleviate a stuffy nose.

Ginger can also be eaten raw or added to a warm cup of water to help to fight inflammation. And, like garlic, chewing on raw ginger may help with nasal congestion

Apple Cider Vinegar

It seems like ACV is everywhere these days, and it’s a cure or treatment for just about everything, and the cold virus is no exception. Germs do not like acidity, so a shot of ACV may kill off germs that make us sick. If taking a shot of straight ACV isn’t appealing to you, you can dilute it with water or use it as a salad dressing.

shutterstock_775903462Nasal Irrigation

There are devices on the market designed to help flush mucus from the nasal passages. When a stuffy nose has us down, using various nasal irrigation methods may offer some relief. It is super important to clean reusable nasal irrigation devices, as serious infections may occur from using one that is not properly maintained.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins C and D are extremely helpful in the fight against those things that make us sick. A supplement that includes these vitamins will help trigger natural fighting agents in our body that will work to kill off viruses. Zinc and copper are also well-known agents for fighting a cold. Be careful with how much of these you take, as too much of a good thing can actually cause more harm than do good.

Take A Hot Bath

Not only will the warm bath help to soothe aching muscles that are often symptoms of a cold or flu, the warm steam will help to clear clogged nasal passages. Now, if you add a supplement to your bath, like Epsom salts or an essential oil, the bath will become an even greater source of healing.

shutterstock_650188465Wear Wet Socks

Blood circulation and toxin removal are the benefits of this unusual cold treatment. This is probably one of the more surprising home cold remedies, but when you’re desperate to get rid of a cold, we’re willing to try just about anything!

If your cold and flu symptoms do not get better, be sure to contact your doctor.

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