8 Clever Halloween DIYs

Halloween Plates

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 9.57.32 AM
These plates add a subtle spooky vibe without being overwhelming and in your face. I actually like this idea for decor even without the excuse to decorate for Halloween! Transfering prints is super easy, even on a plate. Print out your design and cut it out. Apply a layer of decoupage to the printed side and place the print down on the plate. Smooth out with a credit card to make sure it adheres all the way. Let dry for a few hours. Soak with warm water and gently rub off the top paper layer. Seal with more decoupage and hang up!

Potion Bottles

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I love these potion bottles! They look so pretty, while also adding a pop of Halloween spirit to wherever you display them. Grab some glass bottles, water, food coloring, and cotton balls. Add a thin layer of cotton to the bottom of the jar, and pour some water and food coloring, just enough to cover the cotton. Add more cotton, and another layer of water and different color of food coloring. Add a layer of glitter if you want. Keep layering cotton, color, glitter, until the bottle is full!