8 Bucket List Destinations You Can Actually Afford

Kruger National Park, South Africa

Via David Berkowitz|Flickr

Via David Berkowitz|Flickr

Safaris can be quite pricey, especially if you’re trying to see the “big five” – rhinos, elephants, African buffalos, lions, and leopards). Not only does Kruger National Park boast of having the big five, they have over 800 animal species, making it the largest and most divers park on the continent. Plus, the infrastructure, rangers, and roads make it possible for anyone to comfortably and safely navigate the park on their own – which is unlike most safaris where you have to have a guide with you at all times. You can rent a car for $12 a day, and find lodging starting at $35 a night. Traveling the park on your own will only cost $23!

Cappadocia, Turkey

This otherworldly landscape with soft valleys, castle-like cliffs, and a stunning view is due in part by the volcanic tuff that has been slowly eroding. The lava formations have been carved into houses. There are also tunnels that lead to underground cities and rock monasteries. Lodging starts at $25 a night, and all the hikes and stunning views are free!