8 Brilliant Oreo Hacks

Ah, Oreos. Crunchy, chocolatey cookie sandwich with a creamy center. On the surface, there’s really nothing that special about Oreos, but once you have one… well, there’s no going back. And once you dip them in milk? There’s just nothing better. You can’t have just one. You need at least 5. Or, you know, an entire row. No judgment here. If the plain Oreos themselves are great, imagine adding ice cream! Or a Reese’s peanut butter cup! These are just a few ways you can upgrade your Oreos. Check out these game-changing ideas below!

Here is one amazing idea – Oreo s’mores. What? Yes. Simply separate the cookie and place a Ghirardelli caramel chocolate square on top of the open sandwich, on the cream side. Then, toast up a marshmallow over the stove, and squish it on top of the chocolate using the other half of the cookie. Delish.

Need an easy, convenient way to eat thirty Oreos? We’ve got you covered. Once you’ve already eaten an entire row, go ahead and fill the middle row with milk. Then, using a fork, slide the prongs into the creamy center of the cookie so you can pick it up and dip it in the milk without getting all messy.

Here’s another favorite. Oreo coffee?! Yes, please. There’s a little prep-work involved with this one, but it’s mostly just waiting around. First, break up a bunch of Oreo cookies and place them in a large bowl. Then, pour milk over the Oreos until they are all covered. Let this sit in the fridge overnight, then strain it in the morning, or whenever you’re ready to use it. You can pour your Oreo milk directly into your coffee, or, for an extra special treat, use a frother to whip up the milk a little bit to get that nice creamy layer on top.

Check out the other ideas in the video below!

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