Man Transforms 700-Year-Old Sandstone Cave Into A Luxurious Home

Ever thought about what it would mean to be a modern-day caveman or woman? I have. I picture it being very secluded in nature, yet still much more glamorous a life than that of our cave-dwelling ancestors. Picture Instagram but in a cave.

If living in a cave in the present-day sounds like something that is appealing, then you may want to look into The Rockhouse Retreat. It’s a very unique cave-dwelling that is located out in rural Worcestershire, England. This very unique residence is built into sandstone from the Triassic era, and it’s near the beautiful Wyre Forest. As a dwelling, it certainly has a very long history. It was occupied for more than 700 years before it was abandoned in 1962. After that, it was left to revert back to its natural state.

However, in 2015, cave enthusiast and owner, Angel Mastropietro, decided to restore it and turn it into the perfect place for a romantic and secluded getaway. He spent $230,000 doing so, and that was money well spent because the results are absolutely stunning.

The 700-square-foot Rockhouse is a blend of comfort and contemporary style, all with the tranquil backdrop of nature. The interior of the cave home is well-fitted with a number of luxurious amenities that one would not expect from a cave. Some of these upgrades include a walk-in “rain forest” shower, heated floors in the shower/dressing room, a fully-equipped kitchen, complimentary Wi-Fi, a music-docking station, and a Nespresso machine. On top of that, there is also an outdoor kitchen terrace that is complete with a gas grill and fire pit.

Mastropietro’s cave retreat is definitely well-situated for people who wish to spend plenty of time exploring nature, but don’t necessarily want to slum it up in a tent. The surrounding area is host to many outdoor attractions like 25 miles of walking trails, plus the West Midlands Safari Park. If guests want something more civilized, they can always meander into the historic riverside town of Bewdley, where they can enjoy the commercial offerings.

If this sounds like your kind of getaway, the Rockhouse Retreat is available for booking through its website.

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