Not Sure Where To Begin? Try One Of These 7 Ways To Start Your Story!

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Where a story begins is equally as important as where it ends. Often writers of fiction will write the end of the story first; doing so establishes a clear finish line to cross, and the journey to get there can now begin. It’s no small task for a writer to bring a story full circle, and there are no accidents when it comes to making this happen. A writer’s meticulous consideration of every word, phrase, and action is crucial to the story, and getting the beginning of a story right is a fundamental part of getting an audience (and the writer) through to the end.

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There are many phases of the writing process, and once characters are identified and endings are understood, now begins what is arguably the hardest part: getting started. If you’re not sure where to start, look to this list of recommendations for a little inspiration. This list is not intended as an “ultimate” list – so much of writing is about the needs of an individual writer, and it takes quite a bit of practice to find a method that works best for you. We look at these as a way to start a dialogue on different writing methods.

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