7 Ways To Enjoy A Great Staycation


Vacations are fun, but sometimes, for a variety of reasons, we just can’t get away. As much as we’d all love to hop on an airplane to a tropical island, European adventure, or epic ski trip, it isn’t always possible. Part of what makes a vacation so enjoyable is that we get out of our usual habits and really disengage. When we go on vacation, we can/should turn off our phones, we don’t see the ongoing stress-filled news cycle, and we don’t have to set an alarm clock. Vacations are truly a time to “vacate” our day-to-day and enjoy some time away.

When travel isn’t possible, a staycation can offer some of the same benefits and save money, so you can relax and stay on budget, a win-win! You can enjoy a staycation by taking on the same attitude that you would when you’re actually out of town. We’ve got a few tips and tricks to help you reap the same benefits of a vacation without leaving your own backyard.

7 Ways To Enjoy A Staycation

shutterstock_4944658481. Unplug

Turn off your phone, put an “out of office” notice on your email, and turn off your alarm. We often go on vacation to force ourselves to disengage from the hustle and bustle. If you’re staying home, don’t stay tethered to your electronics. Truly allow yourself to disconnect and enjoy the peace and quiet.

shutterstock_3660062302. Have a spa day

You might not be going to Mexico, but your fingers and toes can look like they’re going on vacation! Get a manicure or pedicure; the little bit of me-time and pampering will help you to get that going away feeling even if you’re staying home.

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