7 Tips For Traveling With Carry-On Luggage

7 Ways To Pack With Only A Carry-On


1. Confirm carry-on size and weight limits.

To enjoy the art of traveling light and avoid any additional travel fees, get the right luggage for this carry-on adventure. The goal is to avoid having to check a bag, so choose a carry-on that is the right size and weight; it will need to fit into the overhead bin and not weigh a ton.

2. Know your destination.

Know enough about your destination to help inform your packing needs. Things like weather, terrain, and activities will dictate what you’ll need to pack. You’ll likely need more casual clothing than formal, but it is nice to have one nice outfit, and pieces that can be combined to make up activity-appropriate attire and footwear.


3. Manage your toiletries.

Basic toiletries can be purchased en route, but if there’s something you’ll particularly need, pick up a few airline-approved travel size containers for must-haves. Shampoo, conditioner, soaps are generally available anywhere, but specialty items, like a skincare product, contact solution, razors, or even prescriptions you’ll need to make space for in your carry-on.

4. Pack for ONE week.

This is a good guideline to help manage the amount of stuff going into your carry-on. If your trip is longer than a week, use that saved money from avoiding checked bag fees to take advantage of the hotel’s laundry service, if it has one, or a local laundromat where you can wash your clothes.

We’ve got more suggestions for carry-on travel – keep reading!