7 Tips For Creating Your Own Summer Reading List


Winter is over. Summer is coming. This means warm days, a carefree feeling, and the opportunity to dive into some long-awaited reading. The question is: where to start? Often we turn to book lists online or on social media sites to help guide our summer reading, but with so many titles it can be hard to really narrow down choices. So, before you make your list, think about what should be on your list in the first place.


Here are a few tips for making your own summer reading list:

#1. Consider how much time you will have for reading.

We always assume that we’ll have all kinds of free time during the summer, but just because the days are longer doesn’t mean we will always block out time for reading. It’s important when building a summer reading list to consider how much time you’ll have to read. You may not want to read War and Peace and instead go for a novella or play that can be read with less of a time commitment. Adjust your reading list based on your schedule.

#2. Start with what you already have.

We all have lists of books that we want to read or unread books that are starting to collect dust on our bookshelf. This is a great place to start your summer reading list. Check out your current bookshelf; are there any lingering titles that you’ve yet to start? Choose one or two from here to put on your summer reading list.

#3. Reread a favorite book.

Sometimes it can be hard to reread a book when we know there’s so much new material out there waiting to be consumed. But if you’re stuck in a reading rut, going back to a book that is familiar and captivating may be just the boost you need to choose something new for your next great read. Is there anything you want to reread? Choose 1-2 books from your “reread” list.

shutterstock_370489121#4. Merge your book selections with your summer plans.

Whether you’re going on a long hike, heading to another country, or going on an adventure, there’s a book out there to match your summer plans. Fiction or nonfiction are great choices here.

#5. Choose titles that support your goals.

Is a career change in your future? Maybe you’ve decided to run a marathon or move to the big city. A book that helps to inspire you to achieve these goals might be just the motivation or assurance you need to not only read the book but to also fulfill your dreams.

shutterstock_512149975#6. Look to the greats.

The book lists of well-known scholars, entrepreneurs, athletes, celebrities, humanitarians, and philanthropists are a great way to find some reading inspiration. Another place to look might be the winners of key literary book awards, and don’t forget all of the nominees for those awards too. The nominated authors are just as noteworthy as those who won a particular literary award.

#7. When in doubt, go to the library (or your local bookstore).

Libraries are filled with books! And a librarian is well versed in new and old titles that will likely pique your interest. The nice thing about the library is not just the selection, but it’s a great way to consume books without spending any money. Dust off that old library card and find a little inspiration between the stacks.

And let’s not forget our favorite local bookstores! Not the big national locations, but your small, independent booksellers or used bookstores. They’re a great place to find a summer read and to support small businesses.

We hope this helps you to build a summer reading list that is not only inspirational but fun! Happy reading!

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