7 Reasons To Drink More Water

shutterstock_7941122203. Want to feel more focused?

Instead of grabbing that afternoon coffee, grab a glass or two of water. Oxygen-filled blood travels to our brain and helps us to feel more alert, so rather than a stimulant, like coffee, try a cool and refreshing glass of water to perk you up.

shutterstock_6781698344. Feeling constipated?

Dehydration can lead to a host of digestive issues and constipation is one of them. To help alleviate the pain and discomfort, try drinking more water. As your body processes that water, it will help to lubricate your digestive system.

shutterstock_407792572 5. Got a headache or a hangover?

Water may be the solution. When our bodies are hungry, it lets us know by causing that rumbling sound in our stomach. Sometimes it takes a different kind of pain to let us know that our body is dehydrated. A headache is one way our body lets us know that we need more water. One symptom of a nasty hangover is a headache, and this is because alcohol is a diuretic, meaning we need to pee more frequently, and alcohol is a toxin. To flush the bad stuff from our bodies, we need to hydrate.