7 Reasons To Drink More Water


To best understand how much water we need to have every day, we need to do a little math, nothing overly complicated but this simple formula for water consumption could have a dramatic impact on how we look and feel.

We all know the ratio rule for water consumption: 8×8 = eight, eight-ounce glasses of water every day. What we don’t all know is that this is really just a minimum and that most of us need much more than just 64 ounces of water to adequately hydrate our bodies. A better rule of thumb is to use your body weight as a guideline. The new formula would be your body weight ÷ 2 = the total number of ounces a day that you need to stay hydrated. So, an individual weighing 160 pounds would need to have 80 ounces of water every day, a number much larger than the 64 ounces we’ve all believed to be the benchmark. If you’re physically active or breastfeeding, you’ll need much more, so when you think about it unless you’re hitting that half-body-weight number every day, then you may be dehydrated.

Water from a glass isn’t the only way that we take in fluids; the food we eat also contains water and can be another excellent resource for fluid intake. But food alone cannot adequately supply our bodies with water. Coffee, teas, and sodas are fluids, but caffeinated beverages act as a diuretic (meaning they make us pee more frequently). Replacing a coffee or diet soda with a glass of water will actually do more to energize your body than the caffeine or sugar.


There are plenty of excuses for not drinking water, one of the biggest excuses is that folks don’t like the taste of plain water. But you may be surprised at the difference water can make in our overall health and wellness. On a side note, there are instances when one can consume too much water, flushing the body of too much salt, and this is called hyponatremia. Salt, in the form of electrolytes, is an essential part of our bodily functions and when too much water removes this essential element from our bodies, it can have a negative, and in some rare cases extreme, impact.

Chronic dehydration can lead to a number of health issues, ranging from mild to severe, and include things like headaches, brain fog, muscle cramps, dry skin, and can be problematic for individuals with diabetes, arthritis, asthma, and some allergies. Regular water consumption may help to mitigate some of the pain that people experience in these conditions. Our bodies find ways to tell us that we need more water, and it’s important to respond in kind.

Want to know what water can do for you? Keep reading to find out how many different ways water can make a difference in how we look and feel.

7 Benefits Of Drinking More Water

shutterstock_1583724501. Want to look younger?

Try drinking water. Well-hydrated skin looks and feels firmer and fresh. A good skincare routine starts from the inside, and drinking water is less expensive than buying moisturizing products. Take care of your skin inside and out, with an regular use of a moisturizer and sunscreen as well as drinking more water during the day.

shutterstock_834872502. Want to lose weight?

Try drinking more water. Cutting out sugary drinks and replacing them with water is a great way to get ahead in terms of weight loss. Did you know that feeling dehydrated can trick us into feeling hungry? Instead of grabbing a salty or sweet snack, try a glass of water first to see if it can cut the urge to nibble.

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