7-Eleven Is Testing Stores Without Cashiers In Select Cities

In an effort to improve the customer service experience, 7-Eleven is now looking to test out stores without cashiers. This idea is aimed towards improving the shopping process, by making things more efficient and speedy. These online stores are currently available to those who reside in Irving, TX. 7-Eleven has started a pilot program to gauge the level of effectiveness.

The Scan & Pay mobile application has also been made available in several markets and has been for the past two years. The app allows customers to avoid the inconveniences that are associated with a busy line. Kudos to 7-Eleven for looking to streamline the shopping experience. A lot of companies would be resting on their laurels at a time like this.

Photo: 7-Eleven

Instead, 7-Eleven is actively working to create a shopping experience that revolutionizes the way that we look at convenience stores. People who are on the go are always looking for faster turnaround times. Mobile Checkout offers a painless experience to all who have tried it out so far. When you are looking for the easiest way to shop, 7-Eleven has certainly got you covered.

This is a win/win for all parties involved. 7-Eleven gets to bolster its already sterling reputation as a top tier convenience store. The customer gets to enjoy a much faster shopping trip. What’s not to love here? Now that stores are being tested out without a cashier, the shopping experience is only going to get more interesting. 7-Eleven’s headquarters are located in Irving, TX, hence the location of this experiment.

Locations that are entirely dependent on the mobile app checkout procedures are being targeted. Any underage shoppers who are looking to use these locations to purchase alcohol or cigarettes, be forewarned. Any age-restricted transactions are still going to be monitored by an employee. This is not going to become some sort of free for all. Don’t make the mistake of trying anything that you would not pull at a typical 7-Eleven location.

Fox News reports that there are no further plans to create more stores without cashiers. We are sure that those plans are subject to change, especially if the initial locations are wildly successful. We would not be shocked if more of these stores started to pop up all around the country. In fact, we are sure that other companies are going to be watching this little experiment closely. They just might be looking to follow in 7-Eleven’s lead.

So, what do you think? Are cashier-less stores the way of the future?

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