6 Creative Ways To Recycle Old Boxes

Do you have some old cardboard boxes taking up space somewhere in your house? If you don’t have any right now, chances are you’ll be getting some via Amazon, or when you empty that cereal box. Don’t throw them out just yet! Here are some super creative ideas for recycling boxes and using them around the house.

Welcome Sign

Isn’t this welcome sign cute? This project is super simple, and of course, completely customizable. Grab some contact paper and cute stickers and get to making a welcome sign! Start by cutting the box into the size you want. Then cover it with whatever contact paper you want, and finish it off with some stickers! This would be a great craft to try with the kiddos.

Faux Wooden Box

Everyone could use some more fun and creative storage options. Here’s a simple and cheap way to create a stylish storage box! Just crab some wooden contact paper and get to cutting and sticking it on the box. Such a simple yet brilliant idea.

Picture Frame Matte

Add some flair to your favorite pictures with this idea. Measure the height and width of the frame in question, and but that out of a thin cardboard box. A cereal box is perfect for this DIY. Then, cover it in wrapping paper or contact paper. Finally, grab a photo, make sure it’s smaller than the frame so the matte can shine through. For example, you could grab an 8×10 frame and then use a 4×6 picture.

Garbage Can

Whether it’s in the car, the office, or the bathroom, it seems we’re always in need of a little convinient garbage can. Instead of buying one in stores, go ahead and make your own using stuff you already have on hand. You guessed it – a cardboard box and contact paper. When you’re done covering the box with contact paper, simply put a trash bag in it and call it a day!

Wall Art

This is such a cute and clever idea! Measure and cut strips of the cardboard and round off the ends. Grab a mirror from the dollar store and hot glue the cardboad strips on after you paint them. So cute!

Drawer Dividers

We all have a few junk drawers around the house. Keeping everything organized with this little hack is a practical way to use up cardboard boxes! Simply measure and cut sections that fit inside your draws to help keep everything organized.

Get more details on each project by watching the video below!

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