6 Tips For Shopping At Sam’s Club We Wish We Knew Earlier!

We’re all about saving money and shopping smart. That’s were wholesale retailers like Sam’s Club come in handy! Not only can we save on electronics and clothing, but buying in bulk sure helps keep the weekly grocery bill down. Getting a membership at Sam’s Club is the first step in saving money, but that’s just the beginning! Here are a few extra tips and tricks that will make your shopping trip easier, and can potentially save you even more. Go ahead and check out our list below!

Scan & Go App

The last thing anyone wants to do after spending far too much time grocery shopping is stand in line. We get it. And so does Sam’s Club. Did you know you can skip the line altogether with the Scan & Go app? That’s right! Simply download the app and get to shopping. You scan the items and pay right there on your phone. Once you’re done, head for the doors and a Sam’s Club employee will check your e-receipt right on your phone. Then you’re free to go!

In-Store Pick-Up

The Scan & Go app is pretty great at cutting down the time spent in-store, but did you know you can avoid the whole hassle of grocery shopping altogether? If you can wait a day for your groceries, then the in-store pick-up might just be the perfect solution for you. Simply order your items online and then stop by the store the next day to pick them up. It doesn’t get much easier than that! Maybe Sam’s Club will offer delivery in the future. We can only hope.

Know The Codes

Sure, most things you find at Sam’s Club are going to be a great deal, but the price of these items can potentially get even lower if you know what to look for. On each price tag, you’ll find either N, A, or C. N stands for “Never Out,” which means these items are always in stock and will likely not go on sale. A stands for “Active,” which means there are still plenty in stock, but the price is likely to drop in the future. C stands for “Cancelled,” which means the item has been discontinued and they are trying to get rid of it to free up shelf space. Another pro tip is to look for prices ending in 1. For example, $10.91. This price indicates the item is on clearance and it’s the best price you’re going to find.

See the other helpful shopping tips in the video below!

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