6 Family Recipes From First Ladies Throughout History

We have collected a few First Lady recipes here at 12 Tomatoes, and now we’re sharing them with you! Some come from baking contests where potential First Ladies submitted family recipes, while others were procured via antique cookbooks. Go ahead and check out our list of presidential recipes!

Lady Bird Johnson’s Lemon Pound Cake

When a lemon cake recipe comes from the esteemed recipe box of a First Lady, you’ve got a world class recipe on your hands. Lady Bird Johnson’s lemon pound cake is now known to have been one of her signature desserts. This lemon cake recipe is quite special and gets a kick from fresh lemon zest, lemon juice, and from a buttermilk glaze that’s unlike most other cake glazes. If you’re looking for something to really impress your family and guests, then this cake is the one for the task. Get the recipe here!

Martha Washington Candies

I love a good retro recipe and this recipe, in particular, goes WAY back. Martha Washington Candies are a festive holiday treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. A coconut lover will go nuts for this sweetened coconut dipped in chocolate and punctuated with bits of chopped pecans and diced maraschino cherries. It’s sweet, a little bit sticky, but super delicious, and a recipe that’s clearly stood the test of time. Get the recipe here!

Jackie Kennedy’s Casserole Marie Blanche

It’s said that the one and only Jackie O served this simple and easy to make casserole during her stay in the White House. One such occasion was at a private dinner on March 15, 1961 in honor of Prince and Princess Radziwill, who were the brother-in-law and sister to the First Lady. Jackie Kennedy was a woman with exquisite taste, so if she loved this casserole… well then, that’s all the information we need! Get the recipe here!

Mary Todd Lincoln’s White Cake

Mary Todd Lincoln was born in 1818 in Lexington, Kentucky. As a member of a wealthy family, she was accustomed to a rather comfortable lifestyle, so it’s somewhat of a surprise that she was such an avid baker. But it appears that cooking and baking were one of her main interests in life. In fact, Mary was said to have purchased thirteen pounds of sugar for just one week of baking in 1849. Mary is famous for many things, not the least of which is this cake, which is said to have been one of Abraham Lincoln’s favorite desserts. Get the recipe here!

Melania Trump’s Star Cookies

Who doesn’t love a good sugar cookie recipe? Try out First Lady Melania Trump’s star cookies if you’re looking for a twist on the classic sugar cookie recipe. What makes them different? Melania’s star cookies are a rolled butter cookie that’s enriched with a bit of sour cream and egg yolk. Get the recipe here!

Clinton Family Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Clinton recipe for the classic chocolate chip cookie is a shortening-based chocolate chip cookie that adds in oats for a really satisfying chewiness. They’re soft and chocolatey with just-crisp-enough edges. See why it’s won the Family Circle presidential three times in a row by getting the recipe here!

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