6 Easy Exercises To Get Rid Of Chronic Knee & Hip Pain

Toe Games

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Even the most experienced and dedicated gym rat usually forgets to exercise one part of the body – their toes! This “exercise” might be unusual, but it’s so helpful when stretching those muscles and strengthening then in order to strengthen the rest of your foot and leg. For this, you’ll need a few objects – a small towel, a pencil, and a few other different shaped and sized object of your choosing. Place them on the floor and try to gran each one with just your toes! Set a basket out and try to grab each object and put it in the basket.

Rolling Foot Massage

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This exercise works the arches and balls of your feet, all while giving a comforting massage to aching muscles! Simply grab a tennis ball and place it under the arch of your foot. Start rolling the ball back and forth, carefully working each of your muscles in your foot. After a few minutes, switch feet!

Get the full workout experience by watching the video below!

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