6 Dollar Tree Christmas DIYs

Crazy as it seems, Christmas is right around the corner! We don’t know about you, but once Halloween is over, it feels like we barely blink and then it’s Christmas Eve. That means there’s no time to waste when it comes to DIY Christmas decor. We’re always looking for budget-friendly ways to decorate for the holidays, so when we stumbled upon these cute and classy DIYs using materials from the dollar store, we were so excited! Check out these great ideas and get ready to craft it up for Christmas.

JOY Wreath

We love this idea! It’s amazing the things you can make from a few dollar store supplies and a little bit of imagination. The inspiration for this DIY came from an online store that was selling something similar… for over a hundred dollars! Keep reading to see how to make your own for just under six dollars.

Pick up two candy cane wire forms from the dollar store, as well as some garland and a wreath. The first letter, J, will be pretty easy. Just turn the candy cane upside down and wrap some garland around it. The wreath will make up the O, and for the Y, you’ll need to cut the wire and reattach it like shown in the photos. Once everything is complete, go ahead and spruce it up with some lights, a bow, whatever you see fit!

Reindeer Decor

Didn’t these turn out so great? We love the end result. We especially love how this can be totally customized to fit whatever theme you have going for your Christmas decor. The buffalo plaid and burlap look is great for a rustic-themed Christmas, but you might go with a softer look with whites and golds, or a more classic red and green theme.

You’ll need to pick up a few of these reindeer forms from the dollar store, and some fabric either from your stockpile at home, or for cheap at your local craft store. Start by scrubbing off the glitter with soap and hot water. You can always leave the glitter on if that’s your thing. Next cut off the antlers and set aside for future use. Apply a layer of Mod Podge to the body of the reindeer, but not the hooves. Lay the fabric over the body, and then trim around the edges once dry. glue the antlers back on, readjusting as you see fit. Finally, add your own creativity with a bow, bells, ribbons, and whatever else you want.

Christmas Carol Ornaments

These are so cute, not only on your own tree, but as gifts for someone else. Grab up a stack of mini canvases from the dollar store, as well as some festive greenery and holiday knick knacks. For the carols themselves, you can find your favorites for free right here. Scale them down, print them out, and cut to size.

Once you ahve your supplies gathered, start by brewing an extra strong batch of coffee and pouring it into a shallow pan. Crumple up the music and stick it in the coffee. Flatten the sheets and let them dry. Once dry, attach to the canvas using mod podge. Glue on a pit of twine on the back to hang these up. Finally, embellish with more twine, bells, holly, whatever else you find.

See the other dollar store Christmas crafts in the video below!

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