6 Tiny Homes So Cute And Cozy You’ll Want To Live In Them

Tiny homes are becoming more and more popular these days as people move from the lavish lifestyles of McMansions to a more simple, minimalist lifestyle. While the idea of downsizing might sound inconvenient and uncomfortable, these tiny homes make it well worth the effort. Once you see inside these incredible homes, you might be tempted to try out the tiny home trend for yourself!

1.8 Meter Home

You read that right. This home can be found in Japan, where space is extremely limited. The place itself is 1.8 meters wide – about 6 feet. It’s 36 feet tall, however, and about 36 feet long. This home has four stories and all the modern conviniences.

A kitchen, bathroom, study, and individual spaces for beds and rooms, this open layout is truly a feat of engineering.

Drina River House

This little cabin bult on a rock can be found in the Drina river in Serbia, and has been around since 1969. The owner supposely built the one room house with his own two hands after realizing the water surrounding the area was perfect for swiming and kyaking. It can be rented out to those looking for a little island getaway.

The Soul Box

This ultra modern design comes from German engineering. The Soul Box has three main componets – the sleeping nook, the study cube, and the dining block. The entire home is meant to be portable, so it can be set up and torn down rather easily.

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