6 Cheapest Deals At Costco

One of the many reasons we love shopping at Costco (besides the food court) is the low prices. We’re not just talking about the general deals we find on wholesale products, but specific items that are a steal no matter where you’re getting them from. Here’s a list of incredibly cheap deals you can only find at your local Costco!

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a staple around many households for all kinds of dishes, so it’s important to get the high quality stuff! Unfortunately, this aften means shelling out the big bucks. But not so fast! Kirkland brand olive oil is not only reasonably priced, but it has passed multiple test-tastes, winning out against eighteen other extra virgin olive oils. The Kirkland brand has even gotten a shout out from seveal celebrity chefs!

Sheet Cakes

Sure, you only have two options when it comes to sheet cakes at Costco – vanilla or chocolate – but what they lack in variety, they make up for in taste and price. A sheet cake from Costco weighs a whopping 9.5 pounds, whereas the industry standard is about 6 pounds. Not only that, these sheet cakes are almost half the price of other cakes of similar quality. You might think of these cakes as basic, but you can always dress them up yourself. Don’t be afraid to get creative!


Surprisingly, the cheese at Costco is extremely reasonably priced. Not only are you getting a lot of cheese, but the price per ounce is unbeatable. Not to worry if you can’t eat five pounds of cheese by the expiration date; cheese is easy to freeze and use at a later date. Believe it or not, you can get a cake made entirely out of cheese. No, not a cheesecake. A cake of cheese. Yes, this 24 pound “cake” is around $440, which is a pretty good price, all things considered.

Rotisserie Chickens

If you’ve been a member at Costco for any amount of time, chances are you have picked up a rotisserie chicken (or ten). Yes, these $4.99 chickens have gained quite a reputation in recent years and it’s easy to see why. You might have seen other rotisserie chickens sold at similar prices, but if you look at the fine print you’ll see that Costco’s chickens weigh in at around 3 pounds, whereas others usually come in at under 2 pounds. Plus, these juicy chickens are undeniably delicious.

See the rest of the Costco deals in the video below!

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